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We also offer specialized occupational injury prevention & rehabilitation services.  See Employer's page for details.

“Exercise Is MedicineTM”

Research proves that exercise has a role in the treatment and prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.  Exercise is also a key component in reducing pain and improving function for daily activities and work.  Often, when treated with medication alone, pain or dysfunction related to a musculoskeletal problem will improve, only to recur shortly after discontinuing the medication.  As physical therapists, we seek to identify and address the underlying issue(s) causing the pain or dysfunction – be it poor flexibility, poor strength, joint stiffness, poor postural control, poor body mechanics, etc.  Let us work with you to get to the source of your patients’ pain or difficulty for long term results.

StepUp Rehab’s Treatment Philosophies:   StepUp Rehab is an Exercise Is Medicine Supporter


StepUp Rehab offers a post therapy
“Transition Program”

• Once a patient completes his/her formal physical therapy program, he/she can continue to exercise at our clinic, in a supportive environment, with supervision for free for 30 days following discharge from PT

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We frequently hear statements such as:

StepUp Rehab offers a new choice for Physical Therapy in Springfield Ohio.  We have a relatively small clinic located within the Healthy Heart Fitness Center.  We offer physical therapy with hands-on, individualized treatment in a fun & non-judgmental environment. We want you to know that we work hard to make your patients feel comfortable in our clinic and with our staff.  We do not believe in the “No pain, no gain!” theory. More often than not, we are able to address the problems and make significant progress without causing further discomfort – which improves compliance and overall results.